Counseling Support

Brick pavement in snowStudents have access to ongoing long term counseling support on campus and off campus. This is set up through resources with EMPOWER staff.

Students have limited access to short term and emergency intervention services. Graduate students from  Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) will be available to provide this support.

Mentoring Support

All EMPOWER students will have student peer mentor support. Mentors will include students majoring in a variety of disciplines with an emphasis on students interested in special education, psychology, social work, health and wellness. Student mentors will be assigned to EMPOWER students to provide support in academic, social, recreational, and housing settings. Please contact Amanda Wallace at for more information.


Another key goal of the program is to enhance the employability of EMPOWER students. As a result, emphasis will be placed on career exploration, pre-job skills, and on- and off-campus internships. Students will be placed in internships beginning with their sophomore year, culminating in a full-time internship their final semester. While not limited, students will be encouraged to focus on child care, culinary, health care, hospitality, recreation and agricultural employment in order to take advantage of opportunities in these areas on campus.

EMPOWER — Educate, Motivate, Prepare, Opportunity, Workplace Readiness, Employment, Responsibility