Help your student prepare for life at College.


Helpful Daily Living Skills

  • Take care of your health and grooming (e.g. shower daily, use deodorant, take own medication)
  • Clean and organize your room every day
  • Work on Debit/Credit card management
  • Cash money management
  • What you need v. what you want (e.g. dorm cleaning supplies, food, clothing, and video games)
  • Navigation and Map skills
  • How to maintain a clean living space (e.g.  throwing things away, taking out the trash, cleaning up after yourself)
  • Laundry 
  • Meal prep and dining options
  • Communication skills (e.g. in-person, text, FaceTime, and phone)

Helpful Academic skills

  • Drafting emails
  • Utilizing computer for school/homework 
  • Time management and understanding daily schedules (e.g. calendars, organizers, and alarms)
  • Practice writing skills and reading skills
  • Work with calculator 
  • Accessing community for additional learning opportunities

Parent/Student Resources 

Parent/Family Resource Frequently asked questions to prepare for student transition to college.

High School v. College. What does that look like? 

COVID-19 Response at the U of A Helpful information to address common questions about.